Email issue : why is User BlackListed in Team Forge.

TeamForge automatically blacklists any user's email address that performs a bulk edit, mass update, or otherwise acts on several artifacts at once, either via the web interface or the Windows client tool. 

Scenario 1: 

Assume if a user monitors multiple forums and sends a mail to more than 50 forums at the same time. 

TeamForge will allow the user to send 50 posts per minute. If the sender sends more than 50 posts (say, the user sends a mass mail to more than 50 discussion forums) the *sender* will be blacklisted. 

Scenario 2: 

Whenever a user is tagged to a non existing / obsolete e-mail address and if TeamForge tries to send a mail to the user with obsolete mail account,the *receiver's* TeamForge account will be blacklisted. 

Scenario 3 : 

Though the receiver has a valid mail account and if their mail server throws back a failure notice (due to server failure or mail filter rules),the *receiver* account will be deactivated. 

Once a user is blacklisted by the system, TeamForge stops sending any further emails until the user removes himself from blacklist in their TeamForge account settings page.

Here is an article that explains how to remove user from BlackList :
Blacklisting Reason ----------------------------- Without this feature the application would continue to send bulk emails causing much undue traffic and strain on the receiving email servers. This is one of the security features in TeamForge.

NOTE : TeamForge only counts the number of posts made per minute by a specific user and not the number of emails generated due to those posts. There is no restriction on the number of email notifications generated by a post to different users.


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