Getting Started with TeamForge

Make sure to have a Project with TeamForge

Check this article with details on creating a Project and adding people and services to it (make sure to add Teamforge)

Visit your TeamForge instance.

The access link should be at the top of the project page where TeamForge is located:




Login to your TeamForge project.

There are 2 ways to login to TeamForge in CloudForge. You can click 'TeamForge' button on the black upper band in dashboard page or you could go to any project an click the TeamForge URL from the left pane under services option.



Get familiar with your TeamForge Portal.



1. Navigation Menu. Quick links to your Workspace, Search and History of places visited.

2. Toolbar. This contains the tools available in the TF project to the user logged in. (Depending on user permissions you might see less tools - As an Admin user you will see all the tools available).

3. Project Pages Browser. Navigate trough your Teamforge project pages. To create/organize/edit pages click on Configure On (item 6 below in this list)

4. Project Details. Quick display of details about your TF project. When was created, number of members, and Admin users.

5. Project Page Content (Components). Here you can see the contents of the page highlighted in the Project Pages Browser. These Page Components could be news, wiki pages, reports, documents, etc. To create/organize/edit pages click on Configure On (item 6 below in this list)

6. Configure Main Portal. By selecting "Configure: On" you will be able to modify your Teamforge project dashboard: to create create/organize/edit pages and their components to be displayed on the main portal page. (Only visible to Admin users)


Get familiar with your TeamForge Workspace.

This is a portal-like view of items associated with your participation on your TeamForge Project.



1. Workspace Toolbar. Navigate to places inside your Workspace like : My Page, Dashboard, Monitoring (watched artifacts), My Settings.

2. Recent Activity. Quickview to active items in your TeamForge project (shown when on My Page).

3. My Page portlet. Items associated with your participation on your TeamForge Project. (Items Assigned to you, Created by you, etc).


Customize your Teamforge Project.

On the Project Admin section you can customize settings for the Project Toolbar, Tracker, Planning Folders, Task Manager, and Wiki. It's important to review and change the default settings to ensure your team is getting the most efficient TeamForge settings for your particular Project.


1. Navigation breadcrumbs. Helps you visualize were you are in the settings section.

3. Customizable Tools.  Browse here to the tool you'd like to customize.

2. Customization Window. (Here the Tracker Settings shown).



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