Set CollabNet Desktop in Outlook to work with your CloudForge Teamforge

Get the tools

  • Have a Teamforge project in CloudForge 
  • Download/Install the CollabNet Desktop plugin for MS Outlook
    • You can download it here
    • To install it: Close Outlook > launch the setup.exe in the zip file, and follow the wizard > Restart Outlook

Setup the plugin

Click on the CollabNet tab > Add Site > URL: > Enter a Title > Next



Enter your CloudForge User Name as: domain_login (The new UI would have username in the format 'user123456' . To find your TeamForge user name, go to your project home page and in the left pane click TeamForge, which take you to TeamForge services home page, here in the right pane you can find your username)

Enter your CloudForge password




Enjoy your Teamforge from within Outlook!




If you receive ‘Operation timed out’ exception, please follow these steps. We have exposed a preference called ‘HTTP Security Protocol’ for such issues. Please try connecting again after changing this preference as follows:

1. Open add-ins page ( File -> Options -> Add-ins),

2. Click on ‘Add-in Options …’ button,

3. Change ‘HTTP Security Protocol’ preference (on the CollabNet tab) to be ‘SSL3’ only,

4. Restart outlook.

The following article explains why SSL3 should be used for some connections explicitly:



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