How to integrate Hudson to TeamForge

Hudson is a tool for managing and tracking builds. You can use it to continuously build and test sofware projects and to control external tasks such as cron jobs.

1. You have Hudson running, now install the TeamForge plugin

Note: This plugin requires the Promoted Builds plugin to be installed too.
  1. On your Hudson instance, click Manage Hudson > Manage Plugins > Available.
  2. Select the TeamForge plugin and the dependent Promoted Builds plugin, and click Install. The web interface will download the corresponding .hpi files and intall them.
  3. Restart Hudson to pick up the changes.
  4. Verify that Hudson is working as expected.



2.1 Setting the TeamForge Single SignOn on the Hudson site
CollabNet Teamforge URL:



3. Make Hudson available to your team

This will configure the Build and Test button in your project to link to your Hudson server.

  1. As a Project Admin: Login to Teamforge > Click Settings--> Build and Test Integration
  2. Select if you need this as a IFrame/ New window /Same window
  3. Override URL: >Save
  4. If you want to use single sign-on, please make sure to follow the step 2.1 above to set your Hudson instance first. And then just send us an email to setup it for you in Teamforge.


That's it. Hudson and TeamForge are now integrated!



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