TeamForge Project Login

How to Log Into TeamForge Project (TFP)

Normally, you log into CloudForge services like SVN or Trac by entering your CloudForge Login, and then your password.  However, logging into CloudForge TeamForge Project is slightly different from other services.  The login is in the format of domain_login.  Note the underscore between the domain and your login.  Your domain is the first part of your URL for other CloudForge services.  For example,

For example: if your domain is cloudforge and your login is user1, then your login for TeamForge is:  cloudforge_user1, you then enter your password.  This password is the same as all other passwords that you use to access CloudForge services.



TeamForge Login 32 Character Set Limit

For Users with domain/login being more than the 32-character set limit, your login credentials will be truncated.  But you can copy your login to the clipboard from the TeamForge page on your project:

Project > TeamForge > TeamForge Login




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