TeamForge Login issue. error 'There was problem logging into TeamForge'

ISSUE: Clicking on TeamForge button will log out the users from CloudForge session. Also, users will see a red banner on the top of the screen after logging into saying that 'There was problem logging into TeamForge'. Please try perform the below listed steps to resolve.



Users getting this error will not be able to use/log in TeamForge. Please try the below listed simple steps to resolve this issue.

Note: If you manage to log in to without the above error, this TeamForge login issue is fixed.

  • Log out of , clear all, any * cookies and then log into again.
  • Remove the TeamForge service (only if it has no data) from project and re-add it again.


  • Get your user account removed/deleted from the CloudForge by your admin and get it re-created again to the account.
  • Make sure proper access permissions are given to the user once the account is created. Try remove/reassign permissions.
  • You should now receive an email after some time telling you that 'you have been granted access to the TeamForge project.'
  • At this point if you still see an error after logging in, please change your password to something very simple.(example : changeme)
  • Make sure the password has no alphanumeric characters.

If the issue is still not resolved after trying these steps, please file a support tickets. We will 





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