How to set up Tortoise CVS for Windows

Configure Tortoise CVS for Windows

TortoiseCVS is a popular open source CVS client that enables point and click version control functionality from within Windows Explorer. We recommend Tortoise CVS for both first time users and advanced users of CVS. This article describes how to get started with CloudForge CVS using Tortoise CVS.

How to get started:

  1. Download Tortoise CVS and follow the on screen instructions to install
  2. Create a folder in Windows Explorer
  3. Right click on the folder, CVS -> Make New Module
  4. Copy and Paste CVS URL from Projects -> Project -> Services -> CVS -> into TortoiseCVS Make New Module Screen
  5. Now, change Protocol: -> Secure shell (:ssh:)
  6. Make sure that User name: follows the format of org.username
  7. Click Fetch list to get a list of modules, you will be prompted to enter your password
  8. Select a module
  9. Click OK

We are using the SSH protocol because it provides encrypted connection between TortoiseCVS and our CVS repository.  The ext: protocol does not work well with our CVS repository.  :pserver protocol provide non-encrypted communication.

Add SSH Key

You can use your username and password to authenticate, however, you might need to enter it every single time you interact with your repository. We recommend using SSH keys instead - to learn more about how to create and upload your SSH key, please take a look at this article.



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