Configure TortoiseGIT client to work with SSH keys on Windows

Instructions for creating SSH key pair in windows.


A. On Windows, it is easy to use the free PuTTY SSH client and its related tools (see links below). PuTTYgen allows you to generate an SSH key pair. You can save the private key on your machine and provide the server you want to access with a copy of the public key.
In order to generate your key pair, do the following:

B. Download and install PUTTYgen from this link. Having installed PuTTYgen, start the application and a window should appear like something in the below picture.



C. Click on the Generate button and the window should show the following screen in the picture below. Wiggle the cursor under the green bar to generate some randomness used to encrypt your private key. Once the green bar has filled up PuTTYgen will have created your key pair.


D. The following screen in the below picture will appear which allows you to save your key pair. Firstly, make sure that you protect your private key with a suitable pass phrase by typing it into the Key passphrase and Confirm passphrase inputs. You should then click Save private key button and save the key with a .ppk extension. Make a note of where you have saved the private key file.


E. You need to provide server with a copy of your public key file. Select and copy the text in the "Public key for pasting into the 'Keys Settings' section on your account in



Using SSH keys with TortoiseGit client.

You can specify the Key Location for Tortoisegit the following way:

Open an Explorer Window.
Open the Contextmenu and Navigate TortoiseGit > Settings
In the now opened window Navigate to Git > Remote
Set the Path to your Putty Key in the corresponding Input Box. (See the following picture for TortoiseGit setting).



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