Git - User not able to use HTTPS to clone newly added Git repository: "...not valid: is this a git repository?"

Git HTTPS Error:  So you have added Git service to your project;

Copied the HTTPS URL;

Attempted to clone;

And have now received the following error: "...not valid: is this a git repository?"

[root@localhost git_repos]# git clone https:<Git URL>.git
Cloning into 'rgarcia_new_git_service'...
Password for 'https://<User>':
fatal: https://<User>@<Git URL Project>.git/info/refs not valid: is this a git repository?


Well, most users will experience this issue:

Solution: Please try using SSH.  You will have to wait, as HTTS will take time accessing newly added Git repos.  This may take a few hours, though you will be able to access your repo w/SSH.  

When searching for that errror, it is a common error on Github and Bitbucket as well when using HTTPS, and they both have recommend using SSH instead.

Please give that a try, and use SSH in the mean time.  Feel free to open a ticket and contact us with any further issues when connecting to GIt, and include the project, users, client, as well as any relevant screenshots.


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