What does Subversion "405 Method Not Allowed" mean?

The error message "Server sent unexpected return value (405 Method Not Allowed) in response to MKCOL request for..." means that the commit to the Subversion repository failed. There are a few possible explanations and solutions.

  • You may have performed an svn move twice before attempting to commit. Either move once and commit, or, if you decide after the move that you need to move it elsewhere, use svn revert to revert the first move, then svn move to move it where you want, then commit.
  • Something in your working copy may have got confused. Run clean up on your working copy. If this option does not resolve the problem, try renaming the top-level folder of your working copy and check out a new copy.
  • The length of your pathname could be causing issues. Windows doesn't support relative paths with more than about 255 characters. To avoid this, use absolute paths everywhere. One solution might be to check out the working copy into a shorter path.
  • The size of your file could be causing timeout issues. This is more of an Apache issue, but it can cause svn errors.
  • The folder you are trying to add via client already exists in SVN server. You can confirm by checking out the files to a different folder and see if trunk already has the required folder.


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