Definitive Startup Guide for Subversion

Getting Started

Already an expert? Copy the above URL into your Subversion client and start committing, or navigate to your project page. Or, for beginners, keep reading.

1. Install a Subversion Client

MacOS Download subversion installer, Cornerstone 2 or Eclipse;

Windows Download Tortoise, SmartSVN or Eclipse; or

Linux Install from source or via your package management utility. e.g.:

	yum install subversion
	apt-get install subversion

2. Checkout your Repository

First copy the above URL and using your terminal / command line app, checkout your repository locally:

	cd ~/sources
	svn co --username jesseyowell

3. Add some files and directories

Now you've referenced your on-line repository, it's time to add something.

	cd newsvn
	echo "first line of my first file... yay\!" > helloworld.txt
	svn add helloworld.txt

4. Commit it to the server

	svn commit -m "my commit message" helloworld.txt


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    Jay Benedict

    Steps 2 through 4 seem to apply to linux/unix installations.  What about windows?  Isn't this a general guide for all platforms?

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