Europe Data Center FAQ

Why should I move my subversion repositories to the EU data center?

You will see significantly faster network access in Europe and parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia – on occasion better than 100% improvement.

Do I have to migrate all of my repositories at the same time or can I do them individually?

Yes- the migration includes all the repositories in your account. If you decide to migrate, all your repositories in the same CloudForge account will be migrated.

How do I test the performance of the EU data center?

Use this link to guide you through the performance test, which compares checkout speeds for EU vs. US data centers. We’d love to know how it goes, post your results or submit them at

Is the EU data center hosting all of my CloudForge services (i.e. Trac & Bugzilla) or just Subversion?

Only Subversion will be hosted in the EU data center. Other services will still be hosted in our US data centers. However, we plan to improve this in a near future.

Are there any Bandwidth limitations to this data center?

Our official bandwidth limitations for different plan levels are available on the product comparison page, but historically no customers have every had their access restricted due to the limits, primarily because our customers are typically modifying very small file (source code). Even with large repository (20+ GB) multi-user accounts (100 developers) have not overloaded our servers or exceeded our bandwith quotas (typically 5TB per month per server).

Is my quota going to change, if I migrate to the EU data center?


Now that I've tested my speeds, how do I move my SVN repositories to the EU data center?

Please email us to and request to be migrated to the EU SVN data center.

How long does the migration take?

We will schedule a 2-hour window for the migration, but unless your repositories are unusually large it will only take 15-30 minutes to actually migrate your data.

What are the disadvantages of moving to the EU data center? 

The main disadvantages are:

Slower AJAX repository browser, which is used for the roles editor. It adds a one or two second delay.

Slower Trac, due to Trac's Subversion integration. This causes most Trac page loads to be a couple of seconds slower.

A slight commit delay of 5-10 seconds, which is caused by the delays in the pre- and post-commit hooks. With large commits the improved network speed makes up for this, but it might be noticeable with large numbers of small commits.

If you are located in the Americas or Australia (and possibly parts of Asia and Africa), you will also experience slower network access, so we recommend you stick with your current data center.

Can I migrate back to the US data center if I decide to do so?  

We ask you to please test the performance before you make the decision to go to the EU data center, and if makes sense, voluntarily ask to be migrated. (see question about performance test). However, if you decide to go back, simply send us an email to and request to be migrated back. Please include the reason why you would like to be migrated back to the US data center.

Note: The EU data center is limited and is available only to Professional Account users.

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