How to delete files or folders from SVN?

The issue

You need to delete files/folders or revisions from your repository.

  • One of your devs committed a file that should NOT be in the repository.
  • Or, your are running out of quota and want to delete some content on your repository

Some solutions


The quick answer unfortunately is: No, you cannot delete revisions or content in your repo. SVN has been engineered specifically to not lose anything

If you just need space on your account:

  • (a) Delete other projects you are not using.
  • (b) Simply upgrade your plan* to a plan with more space.

If space is not the problem, but you do need to get rid of a revision on your repository: The best approach is to use an older backup that was previous to the problematic commit, and restore your repository from that.

  • We do provide Archived Backups included with Business plans*. Go to the Backups section, and download an older backup. Then use the SVN dump to import it back again.
  • For Personal plans, we keep the latest backups for disaster recovery. But unfortunately not Archive backups.
  • Finally, if no old-enough backups are available for your repository, you could use a dump and to try delete the undesired files (This is highly not recommended!).

Please send us an email to for further questions.

* To change your plan: Please have your account owner login to CloudForge > Billing > Change Plan



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