Exporting a CloudForge Repository Using svnrdump


Exporting a CloudForge repository using svnrdump

Thanks to "svnrdump" introduced in SVN 1.7 this can now be done remotely from your machine via the command line.

If are not afraid of the command line, keep on reading and use this article to create a Subversion dump of your remote Codesion repository.

Before you start, make sure you have:

  • SVN 1.7.* command line client installed on your machine
  • A CloudForge user login/password with access to the repository
  • The access URL of your existing Codesion repository


Login to CloudForge > Projects  > click on the Project name > Services: expand Subversion:


Make sure you have a CloudForge account with write access to the Codesion repository

To get a dump of your remote repository:

Use the following command:

svnrdump dump https://MY_DOMAIN.svn.cloudforge.com/MY_PROJECT > myRepository.dump

Need to create a new CloudForge project with the dump?

Visit this article that explains how to Import an Existing Repository into CloudForge Subversion. 

Need to import the dump locally?

Simply use the following:

svnadmin load /path/to/local/repository < myRepository.dump

Problems, Questions?

No worries... send us an email to support@cloudforge.com and we should be able to help you out.



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