Using SVN command line (CLI) with CloudForge

Most *nix system (Linux, Mac OSX) will probably come loaded with SVN. You can find by running:

$ which svn
$ svn --version

Get SVN...

If you don't have it, make sure to first install SVN on your machine. Here a few options:


Here are some examples of how to use SVN via a command line (Linux, Windows ...)

To Checkout a Codesion SVN Repository

svn co --username user --password password

You should see a new directory created called project, all the checked out files will be in the project directory

* Once you checkout with the above command, SVN will cache your authentication information

To Update:

Go into the project directory:

svn update

To add all new items recursively:

In the project directory:

svn add . --force

To commit to Codesion Repository:

In the project directory:

svn commit -m "your commit message"


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