Load local Eclipse project into SVN in CloudForge

You have a local project in Eclipse... and want to place it in CloudForge SVN

Start by adding the CloudForge repository...

SVN repository perspective > SVN + > copy/paste your CloudForge SVN URL > Finish (you will be prompted for your CloudForge login details)


The URL is available from your CloudForge Project page:

  1. Login to CloudForge > Projects tab > click on the Project name > click SVN tab on the left side
  2. Find the yellow "Quick Links" header on the right side
  3. Below the HTTPS URL text, the repository access URL is posted

looks like this: https://your_org.svn.cloudforge.com/your_cloudforge_project


Now share your project!

Now on your project perspective (ie: Java): Right click on your Project > Team > Share

Note that Project Sharing is intended to be loaded into a brand new repository. If your CloudForge repository already has revisions, you should instead: do a checkout, put your code inside the local working copy, and then commit.






Now it's a good time to name your repository main folder 'trunk'  (It's a good practice to have a folders: trunk, branches, tags at your root in the repositories) > Click Finish



Not done yet... Do your initial commit!

Right click on your Project > Team > Commit > Enter a comment > OK




Now you are done!



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