Importing an Existing Repository into CloudForge Subversion

Importing an Existing Repository into Subversion

If you have a Subversion instance setup outside of CloudForge, and would like to migrate it to CloudForge, please follow these article.

What you need...

Before you start, please make sure to have:

  • A .zip or .7z file containing only your SVN dump - Talk to your current SVN admin for this. Here some suggestions:
    • Get the dump: $ svnadmin dump /path/to/repository > myRepository.dump
    • Zip it: $ zip myRepository.dump 
    • Important note: Compress the dump file directly. Do not place it in a directory and compress it. Doing so will cause the import to fail.
    • Or use svnrdump
  • A CloudForge admin account (Get a Free Trial)
  • A CloudForge Project with an empty (blank) Subversion repository. 

Import SVN dump


On the Project page > SVN > Import Repository




Next, select the zipped dump file from your computer, and select 'Begin Upload':




If your import process fails due to some error in the UI, contact CloudForge support on importing your repository.



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