Issues Mapping WebDAV Drive to Windows Based Machines

Know Issues Connecting to WebDAV


Native Windows Support has issues with Drive mapping to the WebDAV.  As Cloudforge's WebDAV servers are fully accessible, this is not a Cloudforge issue, but an issue that resides on MS side.  There are some issues with drive mapping as it is not always reliable, and varies due to security policy's, settings, etc. on various environments.  Here are some external knowledge articles that may assist you in getting connected.



Microsoft Drive Mapping Support

Issues connecting to WebDAV:


Possible Hotfixes

Windows 7 Error: "the folder you entered does not appear to be valid":


1. Install the hotfix
2. Restart
3. Make sure you can get a log on popup window to input credentials. 


Configuration Setup

"Connect Using Different Credentials"

Changing the registry to allow both 'http' and 'http' authorization

(Please use the above at your discretion as we are not recommend any alterations to the registry)


Using SSL? Have Custom Domain Setup?

The ssl cert being used is for * or * If using drive.<your domain name>.com it will give you an error that the cert doesn't match the domain.  You will then need to add this exception.


Solution: Using a WebDAV Client

As we have also found drive mapping on MS machines is intermittent at best, the best working solutions are 3rd party clients that you may wish to use as we have been using successfully.  Below are some likes to external WebDAV clients:



or NetDrive 

or Bitkinex



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