Using CloudForge WebDAV / DAV Drive

Initial setup (for Account Admins only)

For your team to start using our WebDrive (AKA "WebDAV" or "DAV"), you first need to add the service to your CloudForge project: 


(also make sure you have added users to your project)


Connecting to your existing WebDrive (For all users)


Once your project has WebDrive service enabled, grab the access URL:

i.e. and then map a network drive in your operating system (see below)


Note: If you don't see the WebDrive access URL on your project page: You either don't have access, or it hasn't been created yet. Please contact your Cloudforge Account Administrator.



1. Mac 

mac_icon.jpeg  Click on the background of your desktop -> Go (menu item - top bar) -> Connect to Server. Then enter your WebDrive URL. You’ll then be prompted for your Cloudforge username password.

(You can also press 'command + K' on a Finder window)



2. Windows 

windows-icon.jpeg Click on Start  -> Right Click on Computer -> Map a Network Drive (also available on Nework from the Windows Explorer)

Screen_shot_2011-04-11_at_12.05.04_PM.png  Capture3.png



Select a Drive letter (ie :Z) > Paste the Access URL into the "Folder" field > Check "Connect using different credentials" > Finish > Enter your Cloudforge credentials

Capture4.png   Capture7.png


Note: Native Microsoft Windows support for WebDrive has had some issues in the past.  Please see the following article for references to external links:


If you have issues connecting to Cloudforge's WebDrive using Windows as depicted above, we recommend using a third party WebDrive client like Cyberduck or NetDrive or Bitkinex


3. Linux 

linux-icon.gif KDE: Open the KDE Run Command dialog and enter knetattach -> Run -> Select WebFolder -> enter your WebDrive access URL, username / password, port 443 and your done

Gnome: Open Places -> Connect to Server -> select Secure WebDAV (HTTPS) under service type -> enter your WebDrive access URL (minus the 'https://' part), username / password, port 443 and your done


Command Line: To access your DAV drive using the Linux Console, you will need to install support for the WebDrive Linux File System (davfs2). More information can be found at


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