Lighthouse Ticket integration settings

From Lighthouse

Make sure you get a Lighthouse account and have the following in hand:

  • Your Lighthouse URL: ie
  • Your Lighthouse username/password (what you use to login to lighthouse)
  • Your Project ID. Go to your lighthouse project > look at the URL. ie: - in this example the project ID: 57165

Setup in CloudForge

First you need a project with both SVN (or GIT) and Lighthouse services added to it.

In you CloudForge project page > Click the Lighthouse link to add it >  Fill out the form > OK ( you can then click Test Login to see if it works)




You are done! Simply create a ticket in Lighthouse, and do a commit in SVN linking it and watch the magic...

svn ci -m "work in progress [s:lighthouse, t:23]"

For more examples on actual commits or general integration details please read this article



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