Basecamp Integration


CloudForge provides a basic integration with Basecamp based on our svn or cvs commit hooks. What this means is that when a user commits to a repository and that repository is in a project together with a Basecamp service, the user can cause actions to happen in that Basecamp service.

Configure CloudForge

1) First, find your Basecamp URL - On the Basecamp project page, copy the URL found at the top (it will display numbers combined with dashes and the project name)





2) Then in CloudForge: create a project with both SVN (or GIT) and Basecamp services selected. 




  1. URL of your basecamp project
  2. Username - basecamp user
  3. Password - basecamp password
  4. Click Test Login to test it


On Basecamp...

Create a To-Dos list, and add some items to it. Then find the Item ID: Click on the Item "comment" icon to find the Item ID.





In the URL you will find the item ID... this what you should use on your commits.


The item ID is: 6667721





On your SVN client...

Just work on your code... and do a commit with the special syntax. ie: "adding support for the new widget. close[t:6667721, s:basecamp]"  



-> This will add the comment to Basecamp, and close the mark the Item as done.

This will add the comment to Basecamp, and close the mark the Item as done:




For more information about the syntax, please check our general article on Ticket Integration

Here are examples using Ticket Integration Syntax for Basecamp:

If you have subversion service and just Basecamp service, you don't need to specify integration specific to Basecamp.  Therefore, to close a To-Do item, you can put the following in subversion comments:


If you have subversion, Basecamp and additional services (like TRAC), you will need to specify that Basecamp is the service that you want to integrate with.  Therefore, to close a ticket, you can put the following in subversion comments:

close[s:basecamp, t:6667721]



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