Zendesk integration with CloudForge Source Control

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a popular help desk and support ticket system. For more info checkout their site. 

I'm using Zendesk and CloudForge. Can we integrate them? How?

Yes, you can. You can have your developers (privately) update Zendesk cases directly from their commit messages to Subversion or GIT hosted in CloudForge. This private ticket updates will be visible to your Zendesk agents, but will be invisible to your end-users.

Please follow this article to set it up.

Before you start...

Please make sure to have

  • A CloudForge Business account, and admin access to it. (Get a Free Trial)
  • A project in your CloudForge account with either GIT or SVN added to it.
  • A Zendesk account with Administrator role. You will need your Zendesk URL, Login, and password.

Let's set it up...

In your CloudForge Project page > Integrate > Select Zendesk

(Make sure to have Subversion or Git added to that project too)



Click the  Global Setting link 



- or - Uncheck Global Setting, and enter your Zendesk URL and Administrator Credentials > Test Login > Ok



At this point.. it's all set. Let's see it working.


How does it work..


Let's say you have a Zendesk Ticket #4, and your dev team has been informed.



Your developer does fixes in the code and makes a commit... 

$ svn ci -m "Done. I fixed the upside down pic, and sdrawkcab name display [t:4,s:zendesk]"


(Note the syntax [t:4,s:zendesk] within the commit - that's what triggers the integration)


The commit above will be sent to your SVN repository, but it will also trigger a private comment in the Zendesk ticket #4



  • In order for comments to be made in the name of the actual developer, not the Zendesk admin user, these developer users must be created within Zendesk using the same email addresses that correspond to the CloudForge user doing the commit.
  • If you don't wish to create Zendesk users for all your devs, don't worry, we'll make the ticket update on behalf of the Zendesk admin user instead automatically.
  • This integration works with SVN and GIT. However, for GIT, please make sure to "push" your changes, not just commit them locally. And make sure to have set your .gitconfig with the same email address as your email in CloudForge.






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