Rally Software Integration


We offer user story, defect, and task integration with Rally Software Agile Lifecycle Management solution.  See, http://www.rallydev.com.  This integration is only available for Business and above plans.  This article explains how to configure CloudForge with Rally Software.

Configure CloudForge

  1. Create a project that has both SVN and Rally services
  2. Projects -> Project -> Rally -> Rally Settings
  3. Enter the host name of the external service like:  rally1.rallydev.com or if you are using a trial edition, it will be trial.rallydev.com
  4. Username and password.
  5. Make sure that the user here is an administrator in Rally.
  6. Make sure on the Project Dashboard -> Project Quickview -> Ticket Integrations -> Enable for this project is checked
  7. You can now perform Ticket integration with Rally, see this article for more information: Ticket Integration

Rally Specific Ticket Integration Syntax

Rally has several categories of items that we can use the ticket integration syntax with, User Story, Defect, Tasks.  Here are examples:

  • test close[t:US1] - this will set the US1 user story to completed status alone with the commit message, you can swap out US1 for DE1 (defect) or TA1 (task)
  • If you have more than two external integrations within the same project, you will need to specify Rally as the external integration that you want to work with, to do so, use the syntax:  close[s:rallydev, t:DE1]
  • Notice that there is no space between close and [] if you want to set the status in Rally to completed.

Release Notes

  • Due to limitation of current Rally Software API, we cannot do per user integration at the moment.  Once the Rally updates their API, we will update our integration to support per user integration.  Therefore, all items in Rally will be updated by the administrator user specified in the Rally Settings.
  • For User Stories, Defects, or Tasks, a commit message using Rally integration will generate a new discussion



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