Adding an SSH Target to Publisher

CloudForge Publisher provides simple and easy publishing of your source code to your publishing targets.  Some of the recipes use SCP or Rsync to accomplish these tasks over SSH.

Create the target

On your Project page > Click Publish > Then select a Target type to create a new target > SSH (for the purpose of this article)


Fill out all the required fields... 


Note:  We recommend using a SSH key vs password. And that you can also add multiple servers to a target.

Here are the typical steps of using SSH key for your SSH server:

  1. ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096
  2. make sure you don't enter a passphrase for the key
  3. 2 files should be generated, one private key file, the other is the public file, typically ends with .pub extension
  4. Add your public key to the authorized_keys file on your SSH server

* Make sure keep your private key safe.  Because you use a private key without passphrase, anyone who gains access to your private key can then use that private key to gain access to your SSH server, please be aware of the risks.


To add recipes, and actually do the publishing please see this article with more instructions about using Publisher.



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