Turn off your Windows Indexing Service when using SVN (on Windows)

Unable to checkout using TortoiseSVN
From: http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/faq.html#cantmove2

Can't move '.svn/tmp/entries' to '.svn/entries': The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

This issue sometimes presents when Windows Indexing Service is in place and indexing the folders where your working copy resides.

To turn it off you could:

  • Start button -> Control Panel -> Indexing Options > Modify >C: > Uncheck the folders that might affect your working copy

Other things to check for (Just if problem persists)

  • Turn off Legacy Indexing Service: Start > Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features on or off > Uncheck Indexing Service > Ok
  • Turn off Indexing on your HD: Start button -> Computer -> then right click the C: drive -> then click Properties > Uncheck: Index this drive

You could also turn off any Virus Scan tool that might be running (Just for testing... if that solves the issue, you might want to look into other Virus Scan alternatives.)



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