How to set up Xcode with CloudForge

Setting up Xcode with CloudForge SVN or GIT

Open up Xcode > Open the Organizer in the Window menu (or press Shift+Command+2):

(1) Select Repositories >
(2) click the plus sign: Add Repository >
(3) Enter a name >  Then paste the access URL* > The Type should default to your URL repo type, but make sure it matches your URL (ie: GIT or SVN) >
(4) Click Add > On the next screen: Enter your CloudForge username and password  > OK


* Access URL available on the your Cloudforge Project detail page - should something like:

  • SVN:
  • GIT SSH: ssh://  (make sure to have setup your SSH keys first: How to create SSH keys and upload the public key to CloudForge.)



Checkout (SVN) or Clone (GIT) you Repo.

SVN Checkout

You can checkout/clone directly from the last step - instead of "Add Repository". But adding first allows you to browse your repo, and select what you want to checkout.




GIT Clone

With GIT you clone a repository at once, and it does create a matching local repository. You can then "Pull" again from the remote origin, "Commit" locally, and finally "Push" to the Origin or other remote GIT repository.




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